AHRMIO goes Web2.0

As AHRMIO, Association for Human Resources Management in International Organisations, held its Annual Conference in Tessaloniki, we were proud to launch the new http://www.ahrmio.org website.

This is just a new website! Not really…

With a lot of realism and a strong innovative sight into the future, AHMRIO’s management decided to replace their obsolete and heavy-to-manage “web 1.0” site with a website built around a social network nucleus.

This community-based platform should help the association delivering the main mission of almost all associations: Bringing its members together and help them sharing the best practices.

The plateform is live; now its time to build and animate the community.

We wish great successes to AHRMIO and its members.

About Manoo Olivier A. Maillard

Facteur d'Innov@tion, Conseiller en Digital Commerce et Social Media, Formateur et Coach
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